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I checked Mega Pinsir's moves I was trying to find a flying type move that Mega Pinsir knows then I noticed that it doesn't learns any flying type moves if a Pokemon does'int learn any moves of its own type what's is the point.

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Simple answer really Aerilate

Aerilate turns every normal type move into a flying type move with a 30% boost in strength this give pinsir a purpose with having moves such as quick attack, or return/fustration

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Then BA it
I'll like to add that Mega Pinsir's Bug/Flying type is to directly counter its rival: Heracross
Pinsir gains the Flying type and Aerilate ability to counter Heracross's Bug/Fighting type while Heracross's use of Rock Slide or Rock Blast becomes deadly to Pinsir.
oh thanks sorry i notice your comment now