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"Lurantis based on a Mantis"
Ha ha that rhymes!

Wait! Sudowoodo is based on a tree, but its not grass type. Hmmm

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Sudowoodo is actually based on a “fake” tree. That’s why it’s rock type, and why it’s name is Sudowoodo (pseudo wood).

So that’s the reason for that
Just because the Pokémon is based on something doesn’t mean it will have the characteristics too. For creative and design purposes, some Pokémon will have a twist on their characteristics like typing. Sudowoodo is not just based on a tree. It is based on a fake tree or a petrified wood. Sudowoodo is a moving rock that look like a tree.
In Lurantis’ case, it is reverse if the relation of the orchid mantis and an orchid. Instead of the mantis pretending to be an orchid, the orchid pretends to be a mantis. It is not truly a mantis and its just pretending to be one.

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Lurantis and Fomantis are not directly based on the mantis. Its inspiration is actually pretty cool. There's a mantis that lives in the forests of Southeast Asia that looks like a flower. It uses its disguise to catch its prey, which happens to feed on flowers. Lurantis and Fomantis are the opposite; while they look like a mantis, they aren't. Lurantis is actually a plant or another animal that is supposed to look like a mantis Pokemon. My theory is that it uses this to drive away its potential predators. Lurantis being some sort of disguised entity is also why it has the ability Contrary. Since Lurantis looks like a mantis but isn't one itself, it would really be reasonable to give it the secondary Bug typing.

Also to answer your Sudowoodo question Sudowoodo's whole thing is acting like a tree but hating water.

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