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When ever I go shiny hunting I never find any. Help!!!


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Shiny Pokemon are very hard to receive especially when playing a new game and just randomly encountering Pokemon until you get it. But, there are also little tricks to receive some.

Normally, the chances to encounter one is 1/8192; but 75% less making it 1/4096 when Pokemon X/Y came along. The basic way to get one is just hope until you just encounter one - but that takes forever. Here are some alternate ways:

1) Using the Masuda Method allows you to have a greater chance to breed a shiny Pokemon by increasing your chances by approximately 83% (5/6).
2) Pokeradar Chaining allows to respectively encounter a certain Pokemon over and over until you chances of finding one is certain. Using this method is somewhat difficult but gradually boosts your chances for a shiny.
3) Chain Fishing/Consecutive Fishing is a fishing strategy used to repetitively encounter a Pokemon underwater. Finding narrow/enclosed spots among the water boosts your chances of getting a shiny after creating a long chain.
4) Receiving the shiny charm after completing the National Pokedex boosts the average chances by 300%, making it 1/1365.3.
5) Using GTS or trading with people is one of the easiest ways to receive one.

All these are ways to increase you chances of receiving a shiny Pokemon. But, there are some Pokemon in each game that remain shiny no matter what. These include:

1) Gible/Dratini with Haxorus in Pokemon Black/White 2
2) Shiny Beldum in OR/AS

But, there are many others depending on the game.

Hope I helped! :)

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And the Lake of Rage in GSC and HGSS has a shiny Gyrados.
The shiny beldum was an event, and as far as I know, it already ended
there is also a shiny haxorus in blank and white 2
It's actually 1/8192, not 1/8129 :/
I meant to put that initially; but thanks for correcting me.
Plus I just put some examples for in-game shinies including the shiny haxorus. I'm familiar with the shiny gyarados, but it's not as important to put all.
"Shiny Beldum in ORAS" is incorrect though, you cannot get a shiny beldum through normal gameplay unless you get lucky when you recieve the gift beldum. It isnt a guaranteed shiny.