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So I tried to breed a Darmanitan after I left the day care center I saw that the day care man had turned around and I was shocked he also gave me an egg so is it a glitch or just plain breeding?

That happened to me with Spritzee haha xD

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Darmanitan - just like the other Pokemon - don't breed faster than others; unless if they don't get along.

When two Pokemon are in the daycare, they would either bond, sort of bond, or not at all. The greater the bond, the quicker the egg arrives. But, even if they bond there is a probability that it will arrive early and late. So, you most likely got lucky with the early arrival, but that doesn't mean it's consistent for every other Pokemon. Eggs are received faster the more eggs you want - especially with the Oval Charm (completing region's pokedex).

Hope I helped! :)

Just for clarity, the way it works is that every 256 steps you take, there's a chance that the Pokemon will produce an Egg. This chance depends on which Pokemon are in the Day Care. If the Pokemon are not compatible, the chance will always be 0. Basically, all that happened was you were lucky and spawned an Egg in one of the earlier rounds of 256 steps, or "egg cycles".
Thanks Blaze2664!
That's pretty much it!