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I'm very impatient (because that's human nature), and I want my berries to grow faster AND produce a lot of berries. Would this work?

History (but mostly science fiction) has taught us to not mess with time. :P
Does catching Dialga speed up berry grwoth? :P
That depends. Did you ask him nicely?
Changing Time stops all time events by 24 hours, I think
I disagree. You can mess with time as much as you want, as long as you don't see yourself, alter a major point in history/future, and don't kill a distant relative. Don't you people watch Doctor Who?
The problem is, we don't know what actions can alter a major point in the past or future. It's better to play safe. (unless you're Grime Time who was playing VCG and his Sheer Cold hit 4 times in a row)

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Sorry about the confusion. I ended up testing it for myself, and apparently it does not work. Remember, this is only for Platinum.

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Changing the 3DS / DS clock will stop all time-based events, such as the growth of Berries, for 24 hours. It will not speed up the growth of your Berries, instead it will halt it for a day.

I'm sorry, I completely overlooked the Platinum tag. From what I could find, the time-reset-stall function was introduced in Gen VI, so using the time clock to speed up Berry growth should work. This is derived more from the lack of information rather than the presence of information, so if someone actually has real life experience speeding up Berry growth, please answer :)

Source: Bulbapedia

If you look in the tags, it's Platinum, not ORAS.
Same thing, i think.
I've time cheated on games other than ORAS and X and Y, and I've succeeded without being punished.
Even if you did not catch Dialga? I'm worried about a Pokemon with a BST of 680, only 2 weaknesses, and level 70.
I AM SO SORRY I missed the Platinum tag. Edited it to fit the game specified. /)–•)
Thanks for helping me to cheat physics.