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I'm midway through the game and I want to change my team a bit.
It's not that good since I have no water type for surf.
I just got a spheal, since I am going for a walrein.

My team is -

I want to keep Eelektross, Arcanine and Flygon preferably, but I am thinking of switching the others out for one of these:

Lopunny(gonna tm it a lot)

If you have any suggestions please tell me

My team is all around lvl. 40. Add or remove a few.

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If I were to replace any of them, I would say Drapion.

We all love Drapion, and it's somewhat heartbreaking for me to say this, but he isn't doing much. Zoroark has the dark side covered, and Poison type moves are really not useful in BW2. From my experience with the game, I would say Drapion is good for a buffer Pokemon (as in when you just want a sixth Pokemon to complete an already set team), but if there is a better alternative, take it.

Also, Walrein is really good in Skyla's gym and in due course, Drayden's gym. Not that your team really needs Walrein to deal with them, but it's good to have back up.

Hope I helped!

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You should get by with those moves fairly easily (other than Staryu...). I guess I could make a few corrections though:

Zoroark- Give it Cut over Fury Swipes (lol). Also try getting U-turn on it, possibly over Foul Play. You can get it through move reminder by trading her a heart scale. Lastly when you get it's TM, put Flamethrower on it.

Arcanine- Good to go. Wild Charge can only be taught through TM, which can be found at Victory Road.

Staryu- I'm assuming you're gonna change that xD

Flygon- Good to go, replace Dragon Tail with Dragon Claw when you get it the chance.

Eelektross: Shame that you missed out Thunderbolt but oh well. Strength/Return over Tackle for days.

Lucario: Good to go, it really doesn't need more than a fighting move
surf, recover, Blizzard, confuse ray

I have never trained a starmie so i don't really know what moves  to use for it. Which ability is better illuminate or natural cure? Im
guessing natural cure. Starmie or Jellicent

Does Flygon learn dragon claw naturally?
Starmie is better, just put Ice Beam over Blizzard. And yeah, Flygon does get Dragon Claw naturally, but only when it's level 55.
Thanks so much for your help,

I appreciate it
No problem :)