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It can be any type combo.

Are we limited to two types? I know that water ground flying steel and water bug steel dragon have no weaknesses.

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For this list I will not be including abilities, the types listed might not exist either.

Least Weaknesses:
Normal has one
Water/Ground has one
Electric has one
Dark/Poison has one
Ghost/Dark has one
Steel/Bug has one
Normal/Ghost has one

Most Weaknesses:
Ice/Grass has 7
Psychic/Grass has 7
Psychic/Rock has 7
Grass/Dark has 7

Hope this helps!


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Grass Dark has 7 aswell.
normal ghost has one.
Why did you list some type combinations twice?
They aren't exactly the same, just backwards

yeah, that is kind of stupid
Water dragon and psychic dark used to have one weakness, but those days are long gone now...
If Foresight or Odor Sleuth is used by an opponent on someone with a GHOST/DARK Type, the opponent has Scrappy, or this Pokémon is given a Ring Target, the effectiveness of  Normal-type  moves is 1× and the effectiveness of  Fighting-type  moves is 2×.

If Miracle Eye is used by an opponent or GHOST/DARK type is given a Ring Target, the effectiveness of  Psychic-type  moves is 1×.