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I want to breed my Linoone and my Mightyena, but even though they are in the same egg group, they won't breed! I just want to get one with a cool egg move. And they are also opposite gender.

What does the daycare person say when you talk to him? Also what game are you playing?
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The tags don't tell me what the daycare person said. It's also helpful to know if it is AS or OR in the event that this user is breeding with cheats or a rare game glitch.
The boy says they are doing just fine but they don't seem to like each other. Also, I'm am playing alpha sapphire.
Just so u know, I caught zigzagoon and poochyena legit and I don't know how to hack

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Don't worry. Even if they say they don't like each other, they will still produce an egg. The only way you'll know that they won't breed is if the daycare guy says "they prefer to play with other Pokemon rather than each other."

Just ride your bike around for a while and the two will produce an egg eventually.

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If the Daycare Man says they don't seem to like each other very much, you just need to give it more time walking.

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When the daycare man says the two don't seem like each other in ORAS it means there is a 20% of producing an egg after 256 steps. If the egg does not appear, then you must move another 256 steps for another chance at an egg. If it's seriously taking forever, which has happened to me before :/ then you can improve your chances by using a traded Pokemon as a parent, using two Pokemon of same species (if possible for your breeding purpose), or simply trying a reproduction of the same Pokemon you're already using from the same place you found it (because if IVs change, the egg calculation also changes).

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