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And, for that matter, why does Jasmine make Steelix do the same thing?

The Pokemon tv show almost never makes sense. Don't question it.
Because its the Pokemon Anime.
The world where Arbok evolved into Seviper and pretty much every legendary Pokemon has telepathy someway or another, and a magical place where kids stay 10 :]
What the heck, Arbok evolved into Seviper?

"Wait, Logic, what are you doing? Hey, get off of that… NO, DON'T JUMP!"
^ Logic died today.
It was a dubbing mistake :O
Also Logic in Pokemon died since the first day of its release :

February 27, 1996
RIP Logic
it didn't literally evolve into Seviper, it was one of the many trivia challenge errors (and the most infamous at that) in the dub

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Since your anime questions will almost never get a good logical answer, I'll take the one some random guy said, and paste it here. He explains it the best.

The only real answer here is:

Unlogical logic (also known anime logic)

Its the same reason that electric types are good against ground types, or that ash and co. somehow meet legendary Pokemon at least once a month. It makes for better stories.

anime logic is even worse than gamefreak logic.