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I'd tried to breed a Beldum that had an everstone with a Ditto(from Germany that is also a shiny) that had destiny knot, to get myself a shiny Beldum with great IVs and a perfect nature but had no luck at all.

I've been through over 100 eggs and not a single shiny appeared from hatching. Are the items I gave to the parents preventing the Masuda Method or does it depend on luck?

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You're just getting unlucky. The actual chance is still over 1/1000 so keep trying

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It depends on luck
The only thing that affects the shiny chance is the location in the world the parents came from. Held items do not change the shiny chance.

i assume you mean the real world location the parents came from.  the shiny charm also affects it though.
With the shiny charm, it is 1/512. Even with those odds it took me 1027 eggs to hatch a shiny Skiddo :/
I meant Held Items