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I'm playing Soulsilver. From what I understand, it checks my Pokémon's ID? Or my own ID? Does it defend on how many Pokémon I have? Or how many Pokémon I have traded? Does in-game traded Pokémon generate different ID?


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The PLC generates every day a set of numbers and tries to match it with a Pokemon from either your party or boxes.I think the more the same numbers the better the prize.

match it with what number of Pokémon? Its original Trainer's ID? or a secret unknown ID of each individual Pokémon?
It generates a set of numbers and checks if that number matches with the trainer ID of any Pokemon you own.
So basically, I need to trade Pokémon to increase the chance, rather than catch more?
Yes, you need to trade Pokémon with many different people to raise your chances.
forgot to mention it thanx for helping him