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Can I evolve my Eevee by Leaf Stone?

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I have an eeve and I want it either to evolve into glaceon or into leafeon?

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no you you can not evolve eevee with a leaf stone you must level it up while in the area in eterna forest where there is a mossy rock you will need the hm cut to get a leafeon and to get a glaceon you need to go the the frozen rock just south of snowpoint city you need to go left, down, right and level up the eevee there

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Look at the tag, he said "crystal", right?
lol, crystal!
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If you ask about pokemon pearl/diamond/platinum, look at spead freak answer! But, if you ask about pokemon crystal, i can't! In crystal, eevee just evolve into 5 form, there are Flareon (fire>use fire stone), Jolteon (thunder>use thunder stone), Vaporeon (water>use water stone), Espeon (psychic>happiness day time), and Umbreon (dark>happiness night time). So, you can't evolve eevee in generation 2 game into generation 4 game! Hope this usefull...

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