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Where to find a shiny,i watch in trade cath in PokeMMO,all got shinys,where they find them?They said ,check google,i checked and fond nothing.What route for shinys,example shiny ghastly,how to find them,i know gastly can fond in Pokemon tower,but where in Pokemon tower?Ok...Where to find a rare shiny Pokemon,where to find a example horsea .
Another question: Shiny can evolve,and if answer is yes,they will remain shiny?

This grammar and spelling makes me cringe, but I answered anyway lol

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A shiny Pokemon has a 1/8192 chance of appearing. There is no specific place to find them. They can be found anywhere at any time. So you could go to Pokémon Tower and encounter over and over until you find your shiny Gastly. Since the odds are extremely low, you might have to run away from Pokemon hundreds, or maybe thousands of times.

And yes, a shiny Pokemon will stay shiny through evolution, just like a normal Pokemon would evolve into a normal one.

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