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According to this answer, there's only a 2/7 chance that there's no outbreak on a given day. I've been playing Emerald for 30-60 days now, and I check the TV every day I play, and it never notified me of an outbreak. Since the TV is obviously unreliable (or I'm just extremely unlucky), does that mean the best option I have is to just go to the potential outbreak locations every day to see if I can find rare Pokemon?
By the way, the chance of not having a single outbreak in 30 days is approximately 1/20991396429662000.

So, a couple questions:
One: How many times a day do you check the TV in-game?
Two: What is its typical response?
Once a day.
"Mom/Dad might like this program...better get going!"

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The player may view televisions in houses to see if and where an outbreak is occurring.

You're doing it right, just having bad luck.

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