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I have got extremely far in emerald, leveling Rayquaza to 100, defeating the elite 4 and Steven, as well as nearly completing the national dex, all I could want now is a Shiny Pokemon (preferably an Absol, Aggron or Gyarados) to go on my team, or just to have in general. Please help.


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There really isn't much you can do make your Shiny Rate higher or faster in Pokemon Emerald. But here are some methods :

Chain Fishing

Get a Pokemon with Suction Cups in front of your party (doesn't matter of its fainted)
And keep fishing. The chain breaks if you move or don't reel up a Pokemon. You can run away/kill/ catch the Pokemon and it will not break your chain. If you catch a shiny your chain resets

Encounter Pokemon

If you keep encountering Pokemon you might be lucky and hitch a shiny


Masauda Method is not present in Gen 3 . Just get eggs....and more eggs...and lots of luck

Good Luck :D

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pretty sure chain fishing wasn't in emerald either...
It wasn't.