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so I finished playing Pokemon emerald so I wanted to shiny hunt I know shiny hunting is really hard. so is there an easy way to shiny hunt? I know how rare it is to get a shiny but I got pokerus which is rarer I think

i still cant believe i have pokerus
The answer is no
RNG manipulation can help, but it isn't easy and requires you to find at least one Shiny before you can start. https://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/emerald_rng_intro#shiny
oh ok thank you

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The answer to this is really simple.

It’s no. You cannot.

The odds are 1/8192 and there’s no way to improve them.

Furthermore, there’s a bug with the game that makes it difficult to soft-reset for a shiny.

It’s probably one of the worst games to shiny hunt in. Sorry.

Source: experience

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nooooo but hey at least i got pokerus
Yeah, congrats! Of course you can still find shinies in Emerald but it’s difficult
what about fire red/leafgreen is there an easy way to find shinies in those games?
The bug doesn’t exist in those games, but no the odds are still 1/8192 with no way of improving it.

In Gold/Silver/Crystal you can breed shinies for more Shinies

And in gen 4 you can pokeradar

And Gen 5 (bw2) onwards you can use the shiny charm

And Gen 6 onwards there’s other various methods that vary per game
ok thanks