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Hi, in RUSTBORO CITY in PKMN Emerald there is a NPC which trades you a SEEDOT named DOTS if you trade a RALTS. So my question is "Can I shiny hunt that specific SEEDOT or not?".

I'm pretty sure Dots has a set trainer ID and set personality. Shininess depends on trainer ID and personality, so Dots can't be shiny.
pokemons received in a trade cannot be shiny unfortunately
Pretty sure shininess doesn't depend on ID, it's fake luck. However I don't think that DOTS can be shiny
Shininess was determined by your PID and TID until it was changed in Gen 6. This caused a lot of weird stuff, like the D/P/PT Cute Charm shiny hunting and an Egg's shininess or non-shininess being changed if you trade an egg due to the egg's PID and TID being changed to match it's hatcher. :P
@Staka, you’re basically right, I just want to add that you can still affect an egg’s shininess by trading it to someone who has the right numbers. There’s a surprisingly large community on Reddit dedicated to doing this in Gens 6 and 7.
How do you know?
Thank you very much, coz I was going to waste my life doing that.
I'm converting @ShinyDrago's answer to a comment. Try to provide an external link for backing if you answer isn't self-evident. A one-line answer like this does not have credibility and makes me think you aren't truly knowledgeable.

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Generation III saw an overhaul of many aspects of the game, which included the calculation to determine a Pokémon being Shiny. Shininess in these games is determined by a calculation involving the Original Trainer's ID number and secret ID number, as well as the Pokémon's personality value.

The Trainer who gives you DOTS (name KOBE) has a TID of 38726. As far as we can tell, DOTS has a semi fixed PID that prevents it from being Shiny, as do most Pokémon traded to the player by an NPC. :P

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Hope I helped!