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Assuming the clock is running normally and I have not mixed records with any game.
Important note: For those of you that haven't played Emerald, many days there are no outbreaks. I already had two people mess up on their logic.

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Actually, most randomness is not random at all, it's just humans can't tell how numbers are related very well. Example:

N = 0.23
Y = N/2 (0.115(
X = 8Y

These numbers can seem to be random, but in essence they are not.
But can a computer create a truly random series of digits? Or are computers, like humans, doomed to fall into patters and related sequences? Has this bunny trail gone on too long? Find out after the break on Mythbusters!
Some can, but again it comes down to philosophy. Oh god.

"Say 5 random numbers"
"You just said the same 5 digits"
"How do you know they weren't random?"

BOOM. I believe some computers are capable, but again true randomness is complicated as ****.
I though a "true random number generator" was just a program that generates a number within a certain range. If that number is within another designated range, an event occurs. Is there anything more to it?
Just let the computer choose their damn number. :P

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Every time the player wins a battle, there is a ~0.5% (0x147/0xffff) chance that the game will generate an outbreak. This does not apply to the player's first battle, the Wally catching tutorial, link battles, e-Reader battles, the Safari Zone, or the Battle Tower/Frontier. After an outbreak is generated, the television program announcing it will appear the next day. Once the television program has been watched, the outbreak becomes active.

That probably explains why I could never get one.

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There are seven slots. One can be skit. One can be nuz. Two can be blank. Three can be Seedot.

Therefore 1/7 for each with no record mix.

But does that mean there's a chance for it to happen every day? I'll hide my answer if sumwun is cool with this answer.
Does that mean the TV doesn't always inform me about outbreaks? I've been playing for several dozen days and there's never been an outbreak on TV. (all other clock events happen, so it can't be that)
It is based on RNG, which is calculated by player activity applied to a formula
So is there a way to check if there is an outbreak that's better than watching TV?