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I need a water type on my team because exploud can't learn surf.
My team is Blaziken, Nuzleaf, Golbat, Altaria, Seviper, and Exploud (which needs to be replaced)

Is this for an HM slave or an actual battler?
Both (filler)
I'm having serious problems with this issue as well, however I'm at the Elite Four right now.  Since many good Water Types are obtained after Surf, I would get something like a Marill or Tentacool now as an HM slave and surf over to get the Good Rod.  This can get you a multitude of Pokemon such as Carvanha, Wailmer, Barboach, and Corphish.  However, the best success with this I had in a previous playthrough is to wait all the way until Shoal Cave and get a Spheal.  Walrein is a beast.  You can pick whichever suits your needs, but I will offer one piece of advice.  Never.  EVER.  Use a Seaking.  I'm sure I never will again.  Thus is why I'm looking for a new Water type when I'm on the E4...

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I would use Ludicolo.
It can learn Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Waterfall and Dive.
Hope I helped!