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I bought a used Pokemon guardian signs and when I play it on my new nitendo 3ds xl the game appears in spanish and I cant change the language, the nitendo is already in english, any help?!

I would read the maual or search on gogle about your problem. IF out of luck go to the place you bought it
You probably bought a Spanish game :P
in the manual says that the language is by default english, but if the nitendo's lenguage is another one(compatible to the game) it will be in that language, my nitendo is in english, i've already tried to change to spanish and back to english, but it doesnt change anything, the game was bought in portugal
Check Google,  then like I say check with the place you bought it
did you restart the game first?
How does a Portuguese game come in Spanish .-. ?

They don't even share a language :L However, have you tried starting a new game while the Language is set to English?
i've already checked on google, thanks anyway

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Your Nintendo system is English but the game you must have been Spanish (EUR)
As there is no Region locking on DS games, it worked. Next time being a used game test it or ask what language it is. You can only change languages in main games (XY onwards) not in spin offs.
There is no region locking on ds games that's why it worked on your 3DS, your 3DS' language has nothing to do with the game you bought.

in the manual it says that the game's language is the same of the console, therefore if the console is in english the game should also be in englsih, thanks for answer
I don't think it should what is the text language on the boxart