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GB Sounds (link)

Present in only HGSS.

Lady at the Battle Resort

Talk to her and get your music changed.
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  • Battle Resort Theme
  • VS Wally Theme
  • Victory Road
  • Come Along
  • Super Secret Training

Battle Maison

Talk to the lady and choose from 7 varieties.

Online (Battle Spot and such)

Before battle, there should be a thing saying music (No. here) at the bottom. Click it.

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Undermining my Pocket Monster's intelligence. lol
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The only game you can switch the music in is Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, and that's after you beat the game and get all 16 gym badges. Go to Celadon city with all the Kanto gym badges, talk to one of the game freak workers and he'll give you a device that changes the music of any place you go into the GameBoy version of it.

It's pretty sweet.

There is no other game you can switch the music on, however.