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I recently caught a Lv 22 Swablu and Lv 21 Trapinch in Emerald and am wondering which I should use since I need a Flyer. I am currently training for the Petalburg gym.
My team is :
Blaziken - level 36
Gardevoir - level 35
(I also have a level 12 HM slave which I have no intention of raising)
I want to go through the game with only Blaziken, Gardevoir, and Flygon/Altaria.
Which one should I use?


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I say Flygon. It's overall better than Altaria.
It's gen 3 so a lot of mechanics and moves are not as you may know from X & Y or ORAS .
This moveset :
Fly - Because you requested it.
Earthquake from tm or you may keep dig
Crunch because that psychic gym
Dragon breath against drake in Elite 4

BTW the best hmslave for that gen is Tropius. He can learn every non water hm.

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