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I was battling in little cup with a choice scarfed Pawniard with a jolly nature against a drillbur with mold breaker. I know that the scarf will make your speed 1.5X higher but some how the drillbur out speed me and OHKOed it. First I thought it was also scarfed but it then OHKOed my next mon with a different move. Could someone please explain how that happened.

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Wasn't your Pawniard Choice Banded? Band and Scarf are different things, so that might be it, or you could have switched into Sticky Web or your opponent could have had Tailwind support.
It was turn 1.  Pawniard was choice scarf.  No Sticky Web or Tailwind.
Isnt Pawniard banned from Lc?
Yes and no.

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Mold Breaker only cancels/ignores abilities. It has nothing to do with items.

As for what happened I can only really think of one explanation other than hacking, glitches, bugs, messups etc.

If X is pawniard's speed and y is drilbur

then 1.5(X)<Y

That means that pawniard did not have enough speed invested into it to outspeed "Y" even with a choice scarf on

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Even with no investment, Pawniard comes in at 18 with scarf while Drilbur maxes out at 17 so you should've outsped unless you're a) running a hindering nature or b) He was sand rush and sand was up