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Cause there BOSS
Ever tried to punch a mosquito?
It might be because bugs are hard to hit with things like punches and kicks using brute force. Idk xD
imagine this with a mosquito XD

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Because karate chopping a bee will end with you getting stung.

There is a slightly more accurate answer than that though, since here the bug types aren't as tiny. Unlike most other creatures which have endoskeletal frameworks (or just normal skeletons) Bugs have what they call an exoskeleton i.e a hard outer covering. It defends them against some rather powerful blows, like a how a cockroach just doesn't die no matter how much you squash it.

In a similar manner, their tough exoskeleton prevents Fighting type moves from causing serious damage, hence the resistance.

Hope I helped!

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Cockroaches, however, can easily be killed by applying force to a small area. It's easier to kill one with your index finger than with your shoe.

Great answer, just sharing my knowledge ;D
Even though I'm the most manly being in the universe, I still wouldn't do that
Oh? I should try that x3
I'd much rather just toss it out tho, it's funny to watch them look so clueless outside my window lol