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This evening, when I was walking back home after a long tired day, I overheard two boys chatting. One said Kirby is a Pokemon, the other refused to believe. Then I arrive home and searched what the boy had said on the Internet. Many websites said Kirby was such a special kind of Pokemon that it had its own series. Is this true? I have played both games and found no connection between them.


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No, Kirby is not a Pokemon, but he does look slightly like Jigglypuff, that might be why one of the boys that you overheard thought that it was a Pokemon. (That was what I thought when I was younger. (I was an idiot))

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I disagree. Here is obvious proof that Kirby is, in fact, Ditto.
+Grime Time Omg that is so cute!!! I wish they would make real pokemon like that!!
+Grime Time I don't think your picture is from reliable source. -_-!
+JirachiTrainer I got it from wikipedia. That's reliable all over.

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Nope, Kirby is not a Pokemon, he has his own special game completely separate from the Pokemon series. You are correct, there is no correlation between the games.