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I have a team with throh, simisage, simipour, simisear, and seismitoad. Which Pokemon should I use and physical or special?

Simipour and seismitoad are special
Simisear and throh are physical
Simisage is mixed


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i would go with zoroark. the illusion may come in handy if you have throh in the back. And cuz its ma fav poke.

Zoroark (timid/modest) @focus sash
Ev spread: 252 sp.attack, 252 speed, rest on sp.def
Night Daze/Dark Pulse (night daze has 40% chance to lower accuarcy, both STAB)
Focus miss (aka blast)/Extrasensory (Extrasensory for fighting, focus miss is just overall powerful)
Flamethrower (why not?, coverage for bug)
Shadow ball/nasty plot (both good moves)