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Mine's pretty evened out, and it has great speed. But which is more effective movewise; a special or physical Zoroark?


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Special, you will be better off using that because Zoroark has a better Special Movepool, Higher Special Base Stat, and Zoroark's signature move, Night Daze, is Special. A moveset for a Special Zoroark can be this Moveset:

Nasty Plot/U-Turn-Double that Special Attack Power or strike hard and then dissapear
Flamethrower-Singe those Bugs to ash
Focus Blast-Coverage
Night Daze-Get that huge STAB

Hope this helps...

Do you thinl Aerial Ace is a good idea? That is good coverage and it never fails to wipe out htose fighting types.
Not Bad, but it will ruin your special Moveset
You want a special fighting coverage move? Give it Extrasensory.