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I have played this games many times over and on my newest playthrough I had just got my team and completed the elite 4, I went and helped lorelei and have access to the elite 4 once more, I have many times before caught these dogs but in this playthrough I have used exactly 249 Max Repels and ran in and out route 2 for around 1-2 hours. sad yes but I have had no encounters with my legendary dog Suicune, I have a lvl 23 chansey up front as I pulled him from my box. and I have been feeling sick constantly doing this process. am I missing something before I try it again, as I'm wasting alot of my money on Max Repels and I feel more sick the more I do this. help please.
Comment if you need more information or if you have an answer, either I'm terribly unlucky or just being stupid.

You cannot find the legendary dogs  until you've gotten both the ruby and the sapphire into Bill's friends machine.
He said he has already done it before
did you encounter Suicune,if so did use roar last.

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You're just extremely unlucky. I know from experience- I've been hunting Suicune in my copy of Leaf Green for... oh, four months? You're not missing anything. Just stay strong!!