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Im trying to get money for tms for my snorlax,but I need to know the most money a trainer will give you before the elite four so I can grind cash

Someone would need to play through the game, fight every trainer, and record the amount of money they give you before answering this

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It may not be the absolute most, but you can get a lot of money by fighting the Bikers on Cycling Road. Giving your Pokemon an Amulet Coin and continually using the VS. Seeker on them all will net you thousands of PokeDollars. You get about 3330 PokeDollars after beating all three, which can add up quickly (and that's not even counting the Amulet Coin bonus).

Beauty Shella on Route 13 gives a bit more money than the Bikers, but her Pokemon are a bit higher levelled.

For the Bikers: Source
For the Beauty: Source and sumwun's comment

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The beauty on Route 13 gives more money.
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There are two beauty trainers south of Lavender town, All the way at the end of silent bridge. Get a meowth/persian with pay day whilst holding the amulet coin and then start spamming. After battles, fly to lavender and then repeat.