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So I've been looking for a couple of days for the original watercolor designs made by Mr. Ken Sugimori, the art director and character designer for the 'mons franchise for those of you who don't know, in his old style.

Thing is, I've had no luck.

Everywhere I look I just find looks-a-like made by the fans, both on google's image and on the general web.

Thus my question is:
Do you guys know of a site that has the designs I'm looking for?
Or even a book, I wouldn't mind buying it to be honest.

Just take a look here to understand the differences and see the types of design I'm searching ( from 10.20 to 11.21 )

Let me know DB, and thanks for the help!

there is an art book of his on amazon

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This website has all the official sprite work and art work from all the generations of the Pokémon games, even including spin-off games. All the watercolour art from gen 1 appears to be there, as far as I have seen. Hope I helped!

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I'll upload these to an imgur album so it doesn't have to be downloaded, but it might take a while
Absol, thanks for the help!
Although I can't see anything once I download the file, it's just a blank.

Septile, if you're helping, first of all, thanks! ;)
Secondly,  please post on my wall when you're done.
I NEED those watercolors...for science (¬‿¬)
got them all uploaded, however I may be missing one because when I was editing the album it said that I had 150 images, so tell me if I missed one
Growlithe is the only one missing.
Wow, those are truly amazing.
Is there a way I can download this collection you have made?
Truly tho Septile, thanks for the help!
No problem.
Also, to download it you can just click on the link that ~Absol~ listed above, go down to "Sugomori's Original 151" and click the link, that should download it, but if you want ti find it again, you'll have to press extract and put it into another folder.
Or you could right click on all of the images that I put on imgur and save them :P
Sugimori Pidgeot looks freaking fabulous.