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Say I'm training a Fast Sp. Attacker, and my current EVs are:
252 Sp. Attack.
250 Speed.
I still want 2 EVs in Speed and 4 in HP. So if I defeated a horde of Whismur while the Pokemon receiving training is holding the Power Anklet, which EVs take effect first? As in, would I receive the Speed EVs or HP EVs first? I'm assuming I would receive HP first, as the Power Anklet is more of a secondary effect. Just curious, because if I received HP first, I would have 8 EVs put into it, leaving my Speed Stat incomplete.

Thanks :)

what I mean is that with super training you don't have to worry for this problem.
Hey thanks for your comments guys. Just thought I'd state that this isn't a huge thing, I was just interested as it would save a small amount of time during training.
Cheers :)
Someone really needs to answer this question it is a great question.
Ah, but truly the best questions are the hardest to answer.
Is it possible to reverse calculate it? Like enter the stats of a Pokémon along with nature, ivs etc into a calculator and it will tell u number of EVs. If that was possible the example in the question can be used as if the supposed EV calculator returned an incomplete speed EV fulfilment. We can come to some sort of a conclusion, obviously it has to be repeated for different combination of stats to come to any conclusion...

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They take priority in the following order when acquired simultaneously:
Gamefreak tends to follow a trend of checks in that order.

If this is ever not the case, an RNG is used.

Do you have any proof of this or is it just speculation? Some answers don't nee sources but this one does.
My source is Pokemon Omega Ruby.  I tested with horde battles and power items. I thought the evs from the Pokemon would take priority, but that does not seem to be the case. I could do some further testing though if there is need.
If you have tested it yourself you need to say so and post all your findings supporting your answer.