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Hey there DB fellas, I have a question for you.


Since it is the most beautiful time of the year
and presents are meant to be made,
but I'm beyond broke
and only have 3 days
to go out and buy gifts
for the family heirs,
here is the deal,
but let me be clear,
cause I'm going to say this just once
I need a team
christmas themed
with only 6 pokémon
between the 721
that there are!

Now go out and pick
but make sure to be quick
cause time is of the essence for me,
for I have to catch
and later then fetch
those blasted monsters to my brother's sons!


Thanks for the help guys!
enter image description here

So just to be clear, here is what's going on.

I have two nephews, to which I'm most likely going to buy either X and Y or OR and AS.

The plan is to give them the games and, once they are ready to trade (which should be like within a few hours after they opened the presents), send to each of them the christmas themed team.

FYI: the team doesn't have to be good competitively *but** if it is* it's just little extra that I'm sure they will enjoy.
Let me know DataBase!**

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Here's a team that I think fits the Christmas theme. I can add movesets if you want me to.

Jirachi (Wishing and stars)
Delibird (presents)
Sceptile-Mega (Christmas tree)
Cryogonal (Snowflakes)
Sawsbuck-Winter (reindeer)
Xerneas (Rainbow lights)

o: not bad m9
not bad indeed, but how would I catch the legendaries twice?
I need to make the team twice, because I have to give it to both my nephews.

I would prefer a team without legendaries.

And, if I'm allowed to be picky, the teams would also have to be different and equilibrated between each other.

But that's highly secondary, so don't go out of your way for that.
You could possibly ask around for people to clone or make these Pokemon for you, but I understand if you don't want to do that.