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Let me level with you, I may have a slight case of dyscalculia, but basic math isn't a problem.
Nevertheless, I was taught to never be too overconfident, so I kinda need your help on this one.

Isn't 4 different than 5?
Five is the greater number, right?

So then, why o why do we have five trainers in the Elite 4?

Shouldn't they be called "Elite 5"?
It does sound better than "Elite 4+1 Part-time Champion".

And if the Champion is supposed to be this amazing trainer that defeated those Elites before us, shouldn't the weakest of them leave thus giving the name, Elite 4, its meaning?

Let me know what you guys think!

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Those were just examples. I chose Bruno for his Onix and Flint because, for some reason, in DP he had Steelix, Lopunny, and Drifblim. They seemed to be the biggest offenders. I know they all have specialties, just some of them don't stick to it very well XD
Agatha and Lance had it even worse than Bruno.
I was told that in Gen I, the champion was meant to be a surprise ending to the game (for those who didn't know it), hence the misleading title of the Elite Four.
Indigo has the best point.
Sooo, is someone going to post an answer with those info or should I just sum them up and write them down?
I don't think we should/can leave a question open if we have a defined answer.

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Hmmm, that's an interesting question, but here's my take on it, since the champion is never officially an elite 4 member, not to mention in the first Pokemon games, red and green, when you beat the last elite 4 member, lance, he states that after blue, or Gary, or whatever beat him, he officially became champion, no mention of a previous champion, meaning that the elite 4 originally didn't have a champion, otherwise there would have to have been someone after lance for Gary to fight, but since there wasn't, that means there was only 4 members originally, hence the name, elite 4. One more example, this time as to why the don't replace one of the elite 4 members with the champion to get keep the number to 4, well, inevitably, the elite 4 would be made out of 4 Pokemon champions which would be, let's face it, a bunch of 10 year olds, and while they would have enough skill as a Pokemon trainer, they simply wouldn't be mature enough, or old enough to run the elite 4, which is why they use 4 highly capable adults instead.

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Because the last one is not a member of elite 4 and after he is defeated by you you replace the champion therefor the name elite 4 name is suitable and elite 5 not