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I recently tried to see how much Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Platinum were, so I could deduce whether or not it was reasonable to ask for one for Xmas. Wanted to play my favourite Generation without ROM hacks. But brand new/unused game of HeartGold for £35-40 (more than when it was new on shelves) and new Platinum go for £85-£100 new. Why? Neither of these are particularly rare as far as I can work out, and as much as I love them they're not exactly golden age. They're also just DS games.

Note: I'm not asking where I can buy for cheaper, I know that already. I just wanted to know why they're so expensive.

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Try the used/recycled section of your local games store — where I live I once found SoulSilver for $30 (so I guess ~£15). Dunno how lucky you get in the UK though :\
Oh I know, i'm gonna do that. I'm cagey with money. Plat's like £15 used. I'm just confused about the huge post-release markup.
here HG is more expensive than Pt for some reason. you can try eBay.

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They're most likely more expensive because it's more difficult to get them new now there's a lot more recent Pokémon games out. I haven't seen Heartgold, Soulsilver or Platinum new in stores for several years now, and I mostly see used, secondhand copies for about £15-£20 in secondhand game stores such as CEX and some GAME stores in the UK, as well as online. I bought Platinum in a GAME store a year or so ago for £15.

Hope I helped!

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