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Receiving a there's a Pokemon in your party that can't be traded error. I do know my Pokemon is a clone I made for someone. I don't normally do such things. But it's a naturally shiny ninetails otherwise. The system allowed me to release 6 of these Ninetails onto wondertrade that I did just for fun. But it wouldn't let me trade the ninetails to a specific person, even myself. It has no HMs and holds no items. I also cloned a few mews for this person. I have no problems trading the mews. Any advice

Could it possibly be an event Pokemon?
As far as I know there aren't any Ninetales events.
I know it isn't cause I caught it myself in Black 2
I discovered the problem. If you use a powersave to change the EVs of a Pokemon, that Pokemon will no longer be tradeable. But you can still change the IVs. I tested it on another ninetails and a regular Talonflame I caught and raised normally. Neither could be traded after I changed their EVs. I found out you CAN change the EVs. But you cannot make them 252 across the board because the limit is 510.
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It was the PowerSaves. The hack checks are good at finding those (usually).