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I was traded a Japanese Event Pokemon awhile ago and went to check and see if it had memories. Also this event is a 6th Gen event. The memory girl said "The Pokemon seems to have a good memory, but it doesn't seem to be able to remember..." so does that mean it's fake? Thanks!

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Don't worry, it's real. Event pokemon usually have no memory.
Thanks! I just really wanna make sure it is in case I offer it for trade in the future. :D

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This is all I could find:


It seems to me that most preposterous legendaries are from Japan, but I don't know. Use that link in combination with with whatever your legendary is and I think you've got you're answer to whether or not it is hacked. I tried this on ORAS with a 5th Gen Pokemon from Japan as well, and it said the exact same thing. What I did is went to the screen that shows you the Nature and Characteristic, and so it said "A fateful encounter seems to have led it across space and time to reach you from the Unova region. Ulitmately, I'm not sure, if you think it is do whatever

The link above and testing it out on my Japanese Event Genesect

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Thanks for your help!