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I got a level 10 Shiny Jirachi with the blue pentagon and the move Moonblast. The name is in English. I was wondering if this is a legit Jirachi because it was a Japan only event. Is it possible to have a legit Japan event Pokemon from Japan with an English name?

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The name is ジラーチ and since the OT is たなばた, you can't change its name.
That means the Jirachi you got is hacked, sorry.


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So... Is my jirachi legit
Um I got one that has an English name and has the blue pentagon
@Carebears123 No, it's hacked.
@Quagmire well then it's also hacked, the name cant be changed.
I got it with a English name
Wait if you have the English language set will you have an English jirachi?
@Carebears as i said, it's hacked.
@Quagmire Nope.