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Hey, it's me, Nuzlocking Omega Ruby again! I have a question about my Nincada.

Nincada evolves into Ninjask at Lv. 20. At Lv. 21, Nincada learns Metal Claw. But when it evolves into Ninjask it learns Fury Cutter, Screech and Double Team. Now, Ninjask has crappy coverage (only Dig, Aerial Ace, and X-Scissor), and I was wondering if it was worth delaying evolution in order to learn Metal Claw. However, I miss out on Fury Cutter and I'm stuck with Leech Life until I get to Fallarbor town.

TL;DR Is it worth it to abandon a decent Bug STAB move to learn Metal Claw?

Depends. Do you have other Pokemon with steel attacks?
Both Zubat and Taillow have Steel Wing.
In that case, I guess not.
No, it's not. Even ingame, Ninjask shouldn't be out against rock types for one thing. Tbh I don't think Ninjask in general is worth it kek
@AreWeFreshYet it's hard to turn him down when all of my other options are dead.

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Yah so the general consensus I guess is "no". It doesn't matter anymore anyways because I wasn't paying attention and he evolved. Thanks for the input. Feel free to answer if you find a reason to use Metal Claw ^.^