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Guys lately I have heard of rumours that if the gender of the Pokemon MATCHES THE GENDER OF THE TRAINER,its move will be very slightly more powerful.Is it true?bcoz I have been breeding a lot lately for the right Pokemon and I wanna know about this!please help asap!


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Well, first of all, that rumour is not true at all. The mechanics of Pokemon don't work like that. I can guarantee you it's not true. Damage of the Pokemon' attacks are affected by the user's attack stat, opponents defence stat, power of the move, multipliers or decreases in stats due to moves (like using Sword's Dance) or abilities, effects of abilities (like sheer force), items and type matchup. These have been the factors since Gen 4, and no mechanics have been changed.

In general, the Trainer's gender means almost nothing. The Pokemon's gender affects moves like Attract and Charm, and pre-gen 6 only males could pass down moves via breeding.

Generally, male Pokemon have higher physical attack IVs than female Pokemon.
That was in Gen 2 I think
Gen 2. I assumed this was for current gen
Isn't Gen 2 the current gen?
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