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I'm hoping to use Drifloon as my new team member in Platinum, but I'm a tad too impatient to wait until Friday... I set my system clock to Thursday and beat Team Galactic; after that I went to Floaroma Town and saved, then changed the clock to the next day. I went to Valley Windworks and Drifloon wasn't present. I then reset (without saving) and tried turning it to Thursday just before midnight and waited on the home screen for the date to progress to Friday. Upon entering the game and checking, Drifloon once again wasn't there. Am I doing something wrong or do I just have to wait several days?




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Any messing around with the clock will halt all time-related events for 24 hours.
Source: I have messed around with clocks in-game before.

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Thanks!  I guess I have to wait a few days, then.  Oh well.
NEW PROBLEM.  It's Friday.  It's been more than 24 hours since I changed the clock.  DRIFLOON AIN'T THERE.
Yeah, but now your clock thinks it's Saturday :T