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I was playing Pokémon Showdown (Hackmons), and I had a uber stall Shuckle defending against Mega Alakazam. So normally their Hyperspace Hole only dealt 7-10% of my max HP, but on crits, it dealt 35-45% of my health. Why is this? The attacks are hitting on the same conditions (4x SpD), yet deal such different amounts of damage. Don't crits only deal 1.5x damage? The Alakazam's ability was Magic Bounce, so it should not have affected the hit.


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You say that your Shuckle had 4x Special Defense.

The reason the hit did so much is because critical hits *break through defensive and specially defensive boosts as well as having the 1.5x damage boost*.

If you want to read more on how critical hits work, here's Bulbapedia.

Hope I helped!

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