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Okay, so basically I'm in cyllage city, and I recently caught a Eevee, with plans on evolving it into an Espeon. It had a fairy type move, so I replaced that with protect, so it wouldn't turn into a Sylveon. But it also has the move "Bite". I don't have a Psychic TM, so I'm not sure what to do. And I don't want it to turn into a Umbreon. Is there an upcoming city/town that will give me a Psychic TM? Help!

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Eevee requires to have high friendship and to be leveled up between the times 4AM and 8PM. So even if it has a dark type move it will evolve into an espeon, as long as you followed the steps above that is.

I case you still want to know how to get a psychic move, the psychic tm is in the Pokemon village and espeon learns confusion at level 9.

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Mmm. Thanks a lot! I just can't figure out whether it's PM, or AM. :/
I thought Espeon learns Confusion upon evolving.
Espeon learning confusion only happens in Sun and Moon, and this was way before S/M

However, the flag on Sylveon's comment should probably be removed since it did provide new information and was not just spam.
Agreed, flag removed.