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Guys now I know that we cannot breed legendaries
But the thing is I have seen a few poketubers like shady penguinn who have max IVs in favourable stats.for example I just saw his landorus having max IVs in 5 stats(HP,ATTACK,DEFENSE,SP.DEFENSE,SPEED).is it just luck that he got the perfect IV landorus when he caught it or is there something else?please help!

you can breed (i think)phione

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If it's Gen VI, you can soft reset. All Gen VI caught lengendaries will have 3 perfect IVs, so if you have the patience & time, you can soft reset until you get one with 4 or 5 perfect IVs.

Before Gen VI, they were definitely Pokegenned. Not saying they aren't in Gen VI, just saying that it's actually a possibility to obtain a 4 or 5 IV legendary legitimately.