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Sorry if this is a Dumb Question.. but why is there little difference in stats between my 5 perfect iv eelektross and 2 above average iv's one.. I reset both of their ev's using the reset bag. This is their stat and nature (They are both Lvl 100)

Modest Eelektross with 5 IV's (No Atk)
Hp - 311
Atk - 238
Def - 196
Sp. Atk - 270
Sp. Def - 196
Spd - 136

Lax Eelektross with 2 above average IV's (Hp and Sp. Def only)
Hp - 307
Atk - 242
Def - 203
Sp. Atk - 228
Sp. Def - 172
Spd - 110

PS. The iv judge said "Outstanding" and "Stats like those, They simply can't be beat" after mentioning all of the 5 perfect iv's on My Modest Eelektross.

Which stats were you expecting to have a larger difference?
The Hp, Def, Sp. Def, and the Spd..
The difference between the IVs is how much the stat will increase by at Level 100.  Say you have an Attack stat with 20 IVs that ends up at 320 at Level 100.  If you have 31 IVs in that stat, it will now be 331 at Level 100 because the difference between 31 and 20 is 11.
What is usually the stats of a Normal lvl 100 eelektross?

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Your modest Eelektross has an IV spread of 31 HP / 30 Atk / 31 Def / 31 SpA / 31 SpD / 31 Spe.
Your Lax Eelektross has an IV spread of 27 HP / 7 Atk / 20 Def / 13 SpA / 27 SpD / 5 Spe.

IVs can only make a maximum difference of 31 points per stat at level 100 (before applying nature). And as you can see, your Lax Eelektross’s IVs, while not perfect, are still higher than 0, meaning that we should expect even less of a difference, which there is.

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So That's why the stats didn't had much difference at all...
Thanks So much, I Finally get it now. I thought because it doesn't have perfect iv's it's bound to have 0 IV spread..
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For a level 100 Pokemon every EV is one stat point. For example a mew's specific stat (excluding HP) is 205. 31 EVs however is 236. Let's take this mew with random IVs and calculate the stats.
Ability: Synchronize
IVs: 22 HP / 17 Atk / 0 SpA / 6 SpD / 28 Spe
As you can see the rule for IVs is every IV is one more stat point. 31 IVs is an extra 31 to a stat so on and so forth.

The things that say outstanding and those is just an overall average of the IVs. That is just the games representation of telling you the IVs even if they don't help.

TL;DR Every IV boots a stat by one and the person who judges IVs is a scam who takes every stat into account and doesn't give specifics on anything. What you have to look for is the judge feature in the PC and where you want a good stat it should say best or hyper trained.

Edit didn't read properly sry.

Source: Testing on showdown.

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No every 4 EVs is one stat lol
Or you meant IVs in the first section
Meant ivs
Great, Thanks for the help.. I really Appreciate it