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Is it banned for use in competitive play in ORAS?

why would it be?
Because It is a massive wall
But nowhere near as good as you might think. With one of the worst HP stats in the game, much of its bulk is offset by its reduced capacity to take damage. Shuckle is terribly slow, has no offensive presence and has no reliable recovery. It is incredibly vulnerable to moves like Taunt and Trick, the former being responsible for making it use Mental Herb over other options on nearly all its sets. Its support movepool and and high defensive stats make it a favourable Sticky Web and Stealth Rock lead, but it's useful for little more than that due to how passive it is. This is not ban material in any way.

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No. It isn't and has no reason to be. It's tier is BL2, which means it can't be used in RU and below if that's what you meant.

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No. I wish though, its overpowered.

In what sense is it overpowered e,e?
Well, it has mega freakin high defense and spd, has highest defense in game
But trash HP.
It's pretty tanky. Once I saw a Shucke tank 2 STAB supereffective Hydro Pumps in a row.