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I'm replaying Pokemon X and I want to use either Pangoro or Noivern.

    I hope to use Pikachu (maybe a Raichu), Greninja, Charizard, Lucario, and Snorlax.

Pangoro would be my second Fighting type along with Lucario, but I was also hoping on teaching Lucario some Steel type moves to help me with defeating Fairy Types. Besides, Pangoro and Noivern would both be weak to Fairy any ways, but I'm still unsure. If you need any more information, I'll happily provide it, and thanks in advance. It would be nice if I could also use this as a battle team too, but still.


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I suggest using Noivern, since using Pangoro would make over half of your team weak to Fighting-type attacks. You've been focusing on the Fairy-type weakness, but you have to weigh the other weaknesses against your team as well. For example, Pikachu's one weakness is Ground. So if you predict that a Pokemon's going to try to attack you with a Ground-type attack, Noivern allows another safe switch, along with Charizard. Noivern has his own weaknesses, though - Ice and Rock type to be specific. Lucario should be well-equipped enough to handle Ice-types with his Steel- and Fighting-type attacks, and can handle Rock-types equally well.

If you plan to use this team in competitive battle, I suggest you be wary of Fighting-type, as half of your team is weak to them. Another concern would be Rock-type attacks and Stealth Rock, the bane of all Charizards. I also suggest making sure the ability of your Pikachu is Lightningrod, so that he can provide a safe switch if an Electric-type starts to bother Noivern or Charizard. Noivern is held more in regards as a Special Attacker, something that your team is lacking, whereas Pangoro is a Physical Attacker, which your team has enough of.

Let me know what thoughts you have on this analysis.

Thank you so much for answering, I got caught up in school and couldn't reply back. I do agree, Noivern would definitley be a great choice, but unfourtunatley I got a Pikachu with static, and I was hoping to paralyze a bunch of Pokemon (both in game, and in competitive, though I may evolve him into a Raichu).  Also, I just realized that Flying is actually good against Fighting, and with some of my old Pokemon I did a few  online battles, but battled alot of Fighting types, such as Machamp, Throh, Sawk, and Mienshao. I guess I may go with Noivern, and thanks again, you wouldn't believe how much easier you just made my life. :)
Alright man, no problem at all. Thanks for taking the time to let me know I helped! Always feels good to know that I've accomplished something, moreso if it's helping someone else accomplish something. As for the Static Pikachu, I'd say that it still is a safe switch-in to Electric moves, you just lose a bit of health and the Lightningrod boost.
Okay, thanks; after all the time you put into answering I knew you definitley deserved the feedback. ;)