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my little brother got ahold of my game, and used the only tm I had on my metagross. I wanted to teach it to rayquaza!
Please tell me there is still hope and tell me where to find it please


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Sorry, you can't the only one you can get in RSE (Sapphire in your case) is in the Seafloor Cavern and you seem to have it already. If your brother didn't save after using the TM you could have reset the game and continue from your save where he didn't use the TM.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/TM26

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You can, but it is a complicated process and it requires a link cable and two gen 3 pkmn games and 2 GBA's

What you can do is get EQ on one game, make a Pokemon hold TM EQ and trade it to your game that you want the TM for, restart the game that you got EQ from in the first place and repeat.

Hope I helped


all of which i dont have but tghank you