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-Lvl.100 Pokemon in the lead.
-Other 5 slots are low-levels I've presumably Super-Trained and given no other items. Maybe Macho Brace. Whatever.

Will the Lvl.100 Pokemon pass EV's from the defeated Pokemon to the rest of the team via Exp.Share like it would have before it was Lvl.100?

I ask this because it bypasses the common rule I see that "any Pokemon that earns Exp earns EV's", because in this case the lead Pokemon is not earning Exp, so possibly shouldn't be able to pass EV's on for something it didn't earn. Just want to be sure because I'm not certain what order things happen in the code.


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When a level 100 Pokémon gains experience (which of course it wouldn't receive), All the exp through the EXP Share will be split between the party instead, which will allow them to receive EVs

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Exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks for clearing that up.
So if a level 100 is leading the party, and exp share is turned on, the exp that would normally have been given to the leader is distributed throughout the party instead?