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I continued training my Tangela a t level 32 (fire red). At 38 I was expected Ancient Power to be offerred but it wasn't. I am currently at 42 and there is still no offerring of ancient power, I have just learned slam. Anyone know why ancient power isn't offerred when I'm playing a 3rd gen game?


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In FireRed, Tangela does not learn Ancient Power at level 38, and in fact, does not learn it at all. If you saw Ancient Power on a list of level up moves for Tangela, it's because you were looking at one for a Gen 6 game like X/Y; if you want level up moves for your game, look at one like this and select FireRed/ LeafGreen.

If you want to teach Tangela Ancient Power because you want to evolve it into Tangrowth, unfortunately you can't do that in FireRed either, because Tangrowth only exists as of Gen 4.

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Tangela doesn't learn Ancient Power in Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, you must have been looking at the Gen 6 Pokedex page for Tangela.