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Over GTS in Ultra Moon I got a Tangrowth. I figured I'd check it's stats and they were great. However, waiting until LV 40 for a Tangela to learn Ancient Power and evolve doesn't appeal to me. I've looked elsewhere, but I got vague answers at best. If it's possible, great then I can make a Tangrowth with amazing stats. If not, well, I'll still make the Tangrowth, but it'll be a bit weaker than I planned. Not a huge loss, but I'd like the stats to be as high as possible. Thank you for your input.
BTW, this is the Tangrowth I plan to make:
Tangrowth (Male) Function: Tank
Nickname: Grassman
Item: Big Root/ Assault Vest
Giga Drain
Sludge Bomb
Knock Off

First, you can only if both parents know ancient power. Second, why would your Tangrowth be weaker if it was at level 40?
Also, heart scales are pretty easy to get in the game :P

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You can also teach it Ancient Power via the move relearner on Mount Lanakila (in the Pokemon center).

To get Heart Scales, eat at a restaurant.

Source, Heart Scales Found Here and Here.

Hope I helped!

Thank you, Stakatacool. I bred the right Tangela, got some Heart Scales, and went to the Move Tutor at the Pokemon League. Now, I have a LV. 50 Tangrowth in the Poke Pelago training. Thank you for your help.